Basement Jaxx - The Singles (Vinyl)

Basement Jaxx

Basement Jaxx - The Singles (Coloured Vinyl)

Having first exploded onto the UK dance scene in '97 with the underground smash 'Flylife', Basement Jaxx duo Felix and Simon really hit their stride with the 1999 crossover behemoth 'Red Alert'. Since then, a series of quirky, fascinating, immaculate self-written, self-produced singles have followed Red Alert into the chart, from the punk-ragga menace of 'Jump N Shout' to the buoyant, bouncy pop of 'Romeo' and heavy electro menace of 'Where's Your Head At'. This essential collection gathers the finest of the A-sides together for the first time and successfully closes Chapter 1 in the Jaxx's quest for world domination.


  1. Red Alert
  2. Good Luck
  3. Romeo
  4. Oh My Gosh
  5. Bingo Bango
  6. Where's Your Head at
  7. Rendez-Vu
  8. Jump N' Shout
  9. Lucky Star
  10. Plug It in
  11. U Don't Know Me
  12. Do Your Thing
  13. Jus 1 Kiss
  14. Flylife
  15. Samba Magic

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