Beach House - Once Twice Melody (Limited 2LP Gold / Clear Vinyl Box Set)

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Beach House - Once Twice Melody (Limited 2LP Gold / Clear Vinyl Box Set)

Gold Edition LP Packaging: Gold and clear vinyl LPs in separate jackets with custom dust sleeves, two posters, book, all enclosed in a hinged box.

Once Twice Melody is the 8th studio album by Beach House. It is a double album, featuring 18 songs presented in 4 chapters. Across these songs, many types of style and song structures can be heard. Songs without drums, songs centered around acoustic guitar, mostly electronic songs with no guitar, wandering and repetitive melodies, songs built around the string sections. In addition to new sounds, many of the drum machines, organs, keyboards and tones that listeners may associate with previous Beach House records remain present throughout many of the compositions.


  1. Chapter One: Once Twice Melody
  2. Superstar
  3. Pink Funeral
  4. Through Me
  5. Chapter 2: Runaway
  6. ESP
  7. New Romance
  8. Over and Over
  9. Chapter 3: Sunset
  10. Only You Know
  11. Another Go Around
  12. Masquerade
  13. Illusion of Forever
  14. Chapter 4: Finale
  15. The Bells
  16. Hurts to Love
  17. Many Nights
  18. Modern Love Stories

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Customer Reviews

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ryan page
Beautiful album

Amazing package. I wish every band put so much detailed effort into their album art and packaging. Possibly Beach House' best record
Records sound clean and full of life

Dark, Melodic, and Gorgeous

Record arrived safely, what a gift!! It looks beautiful and the coloured vinyl sparkles - It's a wild, slightly darker album full of Beach House magic. Thanks :)