Beck - Guerolito (2LP Vinyl)


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Beck - Guerolito (2LP Vinyl)

"Guerolito" takes Beck's hit 2005 album "Guero" and turns it on its ear by allowing other artists remix the entire thing! Adrock, Mario C, 8Bit, Air, Corngangg, Octet and others take over the controls at the studio to craft "Guero" into their own vision. The song "E-Pro" gets renamed "Ghost Range" but the rest of the song titles remain the same. Those titles include "Qué Onda," "Girl," "Heaven Hammer," "Scarecrow," "Farewell Ride," "Rental Car," "Shake, Shake Tambourine," "Terremoto Tempo," "Ghettochip Malfunction" and more. Interscope. 2005.


  1. Ghost Range (E-Pro) [Homelife Remix]
  2. Qunda Guero [Islands Remix]
  3. Girl [Octet Remix]
  4. Heaven Hammer (Missing)
  5. Shake Shake Tambourine (Black Tambourine) [Adrock Remix]
  6. Terremoto Tempo (Earthquake Weather) [Mario C Remix]
  7. Gettochip Malfunction (Hell Yes) [8Bit Remix]
  8. Broken Drum [Boards of Canada Remix]
  9. Scarecrow [El-P Remix]
  10. Wish Coin [Diplo Remix]
  11. Farewell Ride [Subtle Remix]
  12. Rental Car [John King Remix]
  13. Emergency Exit [Th'corn Gangg Remix]
  14. Clap Hands

Type: Vinyl