Bells Beach Incense Sticks by This is Incense


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Bells Beach Incense Sticks by This is Incense

60 Sticks. Approx 30 hour burn time.

“Where the bush meets the surf”

This scent has 22 essential oils that as soon as you open the box you will smell something so amazing that you will want to burn this straight away.  
Think a dark and stormy scent with smoky eucalyptus undertones.

This scent was inspired by our hometown, our historic beach that holds so much history - this scent will transform you to a very special place.

Ingredients: Tea Tree oil, Eucalyptus Blue Mallee oil, Grapefruit oil, Orange oil, Lemon oil, Cedarwood oil, Sandalwood oil, Patchouli oil, Bergamot oil, Clove Leaf oil, Mandarin oil, Celery seed oil, Clary Sage oil.

Box dimensions: L 12.5cm x W 6.5cm x H 1.5cm

About the creators:

'This is Incense' was created after a pursuit of scents that could remind Sophie and Simon of their favourite Australian places. Based in the coastal town of Yamba where they have been part of the surf industry with a combined over 40 years which have seen them travel the world. Incense has become a new found ritual within their lifestyle - an effort to slow down and unwind.

Type: Incense