Benny Sings - Young Hearts (Standard Black Vinyl)


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Benny Sings - Young Hearts (Standard Black Vinyl)

“The antihero is the heart of my music,” Benny says. The gentle sense of humor that colors so much of Benny’s work illustrates his fondness for the underdog. “You can listen to these songs and think, 'I'm not Superman but maybe I can still save the day’,” he says. The album was co-produced by Kenny Beats and features singer Remi Wolf.


1. Young Hearts (ft. Remi Wolf)
2. The Only One
3. Simple Love Songs
4. Pyjamas (ft Remi Wolf)
5. The World
6. Distance
7. Love Will Find A Way
8. Movie Star
9. Let’s Go
10. Take Your Time

Type: Vinyl