Bilal - 1st Born Second (Vinyl)


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Bilal - 1st Born Second (Vinyl)

1st Born Second is the 2001 debut neo-soul R&B/hip hop album by American singer, songwriter and record producer Bilal. The album also features the successful singles "Fast Lane" featuring Dr. Dre & Jadakiss and "Reminisce" featuring Mos Def and Common. Furthermore, Bilal was part of the 90's influential neo-soul collective The Soulquarians with members D'Angelo, Q-Tip, Common and Questlove.  


LP 1

Side A
1. Intro
2. For You
3. Fast Lane feat. Dr. Dre & Jadakiss
4. Reminisce feat. Mos Def and Common
5. All That I Am (Somethin' For The People)     

Side B
1. Sally
2. Sometimes
3. Love It
4. C'Mere (Skit)

LP 2

Side C
1. Soul Sista
2. When Will U Call
3. Queen Of Sanity
4. Love Poems

Side D
1. You Are
2. Home
3. Slyde
4. Second Child

Type: Vinyl