Bird, Andrew - Outside Problems (Vinyl)

Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird - Outside Problems (Vinyl)

Available to pre-order now, released November 17th.

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Outside Problems is Bird's followup to 2022's Inside Problems. Bird recorded the album primarily outdoors in the picturesque surroundings of Ojai, Calif., amidst mountains and orange groves, reminiscent of his environment-based Echolocations series.

The tracks on Outside Problems, including “Epilogue,” “Mormon House Party,” and “Tik Tok,” feature arrangements and motifs that would later evolve into themes found in Inside Problems. Bird explained in a statement that none of these songs were originally intended for an album, but rather they were captured moments of melodic exploration over time. He went on to write, “I’m able to capture the sound of music in everyday life, a surprisingly hard thing to do. I was playing for the joy of it and to get these ideas out of my head. To hear them in a room.”


  1. Mancey
  2. Epilogue
  3. Festivus
  4. What We Saw
  5. Mormon House Party
  6. Mo Teef
  7. Heaven’s Boughs
  8. Improvisation For Elijah McClain
  9. Tik Tok

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