Black Country, New Road - Live at Bush Hall (Vinyl)


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Black Country, New Road - Live at Bush Hall (Vinyl)

A brand new album of unreleased material from Black Country, New Road, recorded at the historic music venue Bush Hall in London at a series of unique shows at the end of December 2022. Mixed by John Parish and mastered by Christian Wright at Abbey Road, the new album and material marks a new chapter for the band as a six-piece. Fresh from the success of Ants From Up There and with a full touring schedule ahead of them in 2022, Black Country, New Road aka Lewis Evans, May Kershaw, Georgia Ellery, Luke Mark, Tyler Hyde and Charlie Wayne, wrote an entire new set of material to perform, abandoning the idea of a front person entirely and dividing vocal duties.


  1. Up Song - Live at Bush Hall
  2. The Boy - Live at Bush Hall
  3. I Won’t Always Love You - Live at Bush Hall
  4. Across The Pond Friend - Live at Bush Hall
  5. Laughing Song - Live at Bush Hall 
  6. The Wrong Trousers - Live at Bush Hall
  7. Turbines/Pigs - Live at Bush Hall
  8. Dancers - Live at Bush Hall
  9. Up Song (Reprise) - Live at Bush Hall

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