Blondie - Blondie (Vinyl)


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Blondie - Blondie (Vinyl)

Originally released on Private Stock in January of 1977, although test pressings date from December of 1976 and some may have been sent out as promos at that time. Chrysalis bought out their contract in August of 1977 so they repressed it after that time. Blondie includes a.o. the following tracks: “X Offender”, “In The Flesh”, “Rifle Range”, “Kung Fu Girls” and more. The album is a High Quality rock LP.


1. X Offender
        2. Little Girl Lies
        3. In the Flesh
        4. Look Good In Blue
        5. In the Sun
        6. A Shark In Jets Clothing
        7. Man Overboard
        8. Rip Her To Shreads
        9. Rifle Range
        10. Kung Fu Girls
        11. The Attack of the Giant Ants

Type: Vinyl