Blur - Great Escape (2LP Vinyl) (Remastered)


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Blur - Great Escape (2LP Vinyl)

2012, 2LP Remastered vinyl reissue.

Classic album from 1995 featuring the hit songs the universal, charmless man and country house. Beyond British and sensationally sociological, Blur and singer/songwriter damon albarn weave tales of stifling middle class ennui into clever pop vignettes. The great escape is another demonstration of Blur's unique intelligence, more of albarn's witty commentary, and substantial proof that the group may be bordering on genius. As usual, albarn's senses are keen on the great escape. His ear for melody and sound textures shines throughout the album's fifteen brilliant tracks. The ska horns and spy soundtrack guitar riffing on 'fadeaway' exemplify Blur's knack for pop music, yet elevate thesong beyond simple genre-fication, with a dignity reserved for the orchestra pit.


  1. Stereotypes
  2. Country House
  3. Best Days
  4. Charmless Man
  5. Fade Away
  6. Top Man
  7. Universal
  8. Mr. Robinson's Quango
  9. He Thought of Cars
  10. It Could Be You
  11. Ernold Same
  12. Globe Alone
  13. Dan Abnormal
  14. Entertain Me
  15. Yuko & Hiro

Type: Vinyl

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