Boards of Canada - Campfire Headphase (Vinyl)

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Boards of Canada - Campfire Headphase (2LP Vinyl)

Boards of Canada's follow-up to 2002's GEOGADDI. This album is classic Boards, building on themes and sounds that can be heard in their intervening remix work for Beck, Clouddead and Boom Bip.


  1. Into The Rainbow Vein
  2. Chromakey Dreamcoat
  3. Satellite Anthem Icarus
  4. Peacock Tail
  5. Dayvan Cowboy
  6. A Moment Of Clarity
  7. '84 Pontiac Dream
  8. Sherbet Head
  9. Oscar See Through Red Eye
  10. Ataronchronon
  11. Hey Saturday Sun
  12. Constants Are Changing
  13. Slow This Bird Down
  14. Tears From The Compound Eye
  15. Farewell Fire

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