Bonny Doon - Let There Be Music (Vinyl)


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Bonny Doon - Let There Be Music (Vinyl)

Throughout the ten tracks in their new album Let There Be Music, you can hear the spaciousness Bonny Doon allowed themselves since their 2018 sleeper cult-classic Longwave. Their latest musical journey is one that has big payoffs for devoted followers and undeniable rewards for anyone just stumbling across the band for the frst time.

On their long-awaited third album, we get a glimpse into the pure joy of Bonny Doon. The album serves as less of one conceptual story, and each song as their own individual offerings of putting words to the ordinary experience of being alive. The band is at their most dynamic and the songwriting deftly explores new terrain. Let There Be Music is brimming with small truths - both profound and mundane, comforting and difficult - and we are invited to revel in them all.


  1. San Francisco
  2. Naturally
  3. Crooked Creek
  4. Let There Be Music
  5. Maybe Today
  6. Bonny Doon & Waxahatchee - You Can't Stay The Same
  7. Roxanne
  8. On My Mind
  9. Fine Afternoon
  10. Famous Piano

Type: Vinyl