Bonobo - The North Borders (Vinyl)


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Bonobo - The North Borders (Vinyl)

It's been almost three years since the release of Bonobo's masterful, mould-breaking Black Sands, an album that saw him touring a hypnotic live show across the world for well over a year. Now, in 2013, he stands ready to take things up yet another notch. 'The North Borders' is a long stride forward - both a natural evolution and a continuation of the electronic palette of Black Sands. Thematic, resonant, addictive and perfectly formed, it's a thrillingly coherent statement piece.


  1. First Fires
  2. Emkay
  3. Don't Wait
  4. Cirrus
  5. Heaven For The Sinner
  6. Towers
  7. Jets
  8. Antenna
  9. Know You
  10. Ten Tigers
  11. Sapphire
  12. Transits
  13. Pieces

Type: Vinyl