Bowie, David - Blackstar (Vinyl)


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David Bowie - Blackstar (Vinyl)

Bowie's 25th album 'Blackstar' released on January 8, 2016, which was his 69th birthday.

'Blackstar' comes three years after the release of 'The Next Day' in 2013, which was his first album in a decade and topped charts around the world. The seven-song LP was recorded at the Magic Shop studio in New York according to the Times newspaper, which described the track as 'completely bonkers' and revealed it contains 'Gregorian chants, a soul section, various electronic beats and bleeps and Bowie's distinctive vocals.'


  1. Blackstar
  2. 'Tis a Pity She Was a Whore
  3. Lazarus
  4. Sue (Or In a Season of Crime)
  5. Girl Loves Me
  6. Dollar Days
  7. I Can't Give Everything Away

Type: Vinyl