Caldwell, Bobby - Bobby Caldwell (Vinyl)


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Bobby Caldwell - Bobby Caldwell (Vinyl)

Known principally as a smooth titan of blue-eyed soul, Bobby Caldwell transcended genre tags with consummate ease; he was a musical icon of real class and versatility, cherished the world over.

Tragically passing away in March 2023 at the too young age of 71, it still feels as if Bobby's true artistry is profoundly under-appreciated. His double platinum self-titled album from 1978 is a timeless masterpiece of sophisticated jazzy soul brilliance and is strictly canonical.


  1. Special To Me
  2. My Flame
  3. Love Won't Wait
  4. Can't Say Goodbye
  5. Come To Me
  6. What You Won't Do For Love
  7. Kalimba Song
  8. Take Me Back To Then
  9. Down For The Third Time

Type: Vinyl