Callahan, Bill & Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Blind Date Party (2LP Vinyl)


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Bill Callahan & Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Blind Date Party (2LP Vinyl)

Bill & Bonnie shared these songs with a travel-challenged world through late 2020 into earlier this year; now their online sensation comes home to roost on the good ol’ fashioned format that all these songs were originally heard in the first place! A record to, from, for and dedicated to almost everyone. Hats off! Pants off too – NOW it’s a party.


  1. Blackness Of the Night (Featuring  AZITA)
  2. OD'd in Denver (Featuring  Matt Sweeney)
  3. I've Made Up My Mind (Featuring  Alasdair Roberts)
  4. Red-Tailed Hawk (Featuring  Matt Kinsey)
  5. Wish You Were Gay (Featuring  Sean O'Hagan)
  6. Our Anniversary (Featuring  Dead Rider)
  7. Rooftop Garden (Featuring  George Xylouris)
  8. Deacon Blues (Featuring  Bill MacKay)
  9. I Love You (Featuring  David Pajo)
  10. Sea Song (Featuring  Mick Turner)
  11. I've Been The One (Featuring  Meg Baird)
  12. Miracles (Featuring  Ty Segall)
  13. I Want To Go To The Beach (Featuring  Cooper Crain)
  14. Night Rider's Lament (Featuring  Cory Hanson)
  15. Arise, Therefore (Featuring  Six Organs of Admittance)
  16. Night of Santiago (Featuring  David Grubbs)
  17. The Wild Kindness (Featuring  Cassie Berman)
  18. Lost in Love (Featuring  Emmett Kelly)
  19. She is My Everything (Featuring  Sir Richard Bishop)

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