Clientele, The - I Am Not There Anymore (Red & Black Coloured 2LP Vinyl)


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The Clientele - I Am Not There Anymore (Red & Black Coloured 2LP Vinyl)

The Clientele's I Am Not There Anymore regularly evokes what singer-guitarist Alasdair MacLean calls "the feeling of not being real." Recording for the album began in 2019 and continued piecemeal until 2022 - in part because of the pandemic, but also because the band wanted to experiment. "We'd always been interested in music other than guitar music, like for donkey's years," MacLean says. This time out, he and bassist James Hornsey and drummer Mark Keen incorporated elements of post-bop jazz, contemporary classical, and electronic music. According to MacLean, "None of those things had been able to find their way into our sound other than in the most passing way, in the faintest imprint."


LP 1

  1. Fables of the Silverlink
  2. Radial B
  3. Garden Eye Mantra
  4. Segue 4 (IV)
  5. Lady Grey
  6. Dying in May
  7. Conjuring Summer In
  8. Radial C (Nocturne for Three Trees)
  9. Blue Over Blue
  10. Radial E

LP 2

  1. Claire's Not Real
  2. My Childhood
  3. Chalk Flowers
  4. Radial H
  5. Hey Siobhan
  6. Stems of Anise
  7. Through the Roses
  8. I Dreamed of You, Maria
  9. The Village Is Always on Fire


Type: Vinyl