Cranberries, The - To The Faithful Departed (Vinyl)

The Cranberries

The Cranberries - To The Faithful Departed (Vinyl)

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Originally released on April 30, 1996, the album spawned four singles, including the US number-one modern rock single Salvation. To The Faithful Departed includes a.o. the following tracks: Hollywood, When You're Gone, I Just Shot John Lennon, Electric Blue and more.



  1. Hollywood
  2. Salvation
  3. When You're Gone
  4. Free To Decide
  5. War Child
  6. Forever Yellow Skies
  7. The Rebels


  1. Just Shot John Lennon
  2. Electric Blue
  3. I'm Still Remembering
  4. Will You Remember?
  5. Joe
  6. Bosnia

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