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Deerhunter ‎- Cryptograms / Fluorescent Grey (Vinyl)

The second full-length outing from Atlanta's Deerhunter, and their first for Kranky. Twelve tracks recorded during two very different one-day sessions that explore the hypnotic states induced by ambient and minimalist music via the klang and propulsion of garage rock. Also included is the tracks from the brand new four-track Fluorescent Grey EP.


  1. Dungtitled (In a Major)
  2. Articulate Silences, Pt. 1
  3. Articulate Silences, Pt. 2
  4. The Evil That Never Arrived
  5. Apreludes (In C Sharp Major)
  6. Don't Bother They're Here
  7. Dop*mine Clouds Over Craven Cottage
  8. Even If You're Never Awake (Deuxi Me)
  9. Even (Out)
  10. A Meaningful Moment Through a Meaning (Less) Process
  11. Another Ballad for Heavy Lids
  12.  The Daughters of Quiet Minds
  13. Hiberner Toujours
  14. That Finger on Your Temple Is the Barrel of My Raygun
  15. Humectez la Mouture
  16. Tippy's Demise
  17. The Mouthchew
  18. December Hunting for Vegetarian F***face

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