Deftones - Saturday Night Wrist (Vinyl)


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Deftones - Saturday Night Wrist (Vinyl)

The Deftones' first album in three years, Saturday Night Wrist follows the band's fourth consecutive gold or platinum album, the 2003 self-titled disc that was the Grammyr-winning group's highest charter at #2. Produced by Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Jane's Addiction) and former Far guitarist Shaun Lopez, Saturday Night Wrist is bombastic yet vulnerable, aggressive yet thoughtful combinations that have made the Deftones among the most respected and acclaimed bands in hard rock.


1. Hole in the Earth
2. Rapture
3. Beware
4. Cherry Waves
5. Mein
6. U,U,D,D,L,R,L,R,A,B,Select,Start

1. Xerces
2. Rats!Rats!Rats!
3. Pink Cellphone
4. Combat
5. Kimdracula
6. Rivière

Type: Vinyl