Denton, Lachlan - Furnishings (Limited Vinyl)


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Lachlan Denton - Furnishings (Limited Vinyl)

Limited to 400 copies worldwide!

Furnishings documents the shift in Lachlan's life and focus from Music to Furniture making, and in some ways back again, in the aftermath of the loss of his brother, Zac Denton. Half the songs on Furnishings are dedicated to different members of Lachlan's immediate family in an attempt to say the things that could so easily go unsaid before we ever get the chance. The other half are reflection on self, the environment, and life in an ever changing world.

To record the album, Lachlan enlisted help from friends Anila Hasnain (Partner Look) and Dom Kearton (Skydeck), on Bass and Guitar respectively. The producing of the album was split up between sessions with Liam Halliwell (The Ocean Party, Snowy Band), Liam Parsons and Stefan Blair (Good Morning), Dainis Lacey (Cool Sounds) and Tori Holleman (Douglas Fur, Retiree). For each session the engineers became quasi members of the band, playing singing and arranging collaboratively. 

Furnishings is Lachlan's most diverse album to date. From the lo-fi keyboard musings of 'Bookshelf' to the 80s infused pop of 'You' and back to the jangling guitars of 'Lose' it is an album that twists and turns but still has all the songwriting hallmarks of a Lachlan Denton album.


  1. Zac
  2. You
  3. Meadow
  4. Bookshelf
  5. Lose
  6. Lucas
  7. Braeside
  8. Dad
  9. Ebony
  10. Workshop 
  11. Changed
  12. Mum

Type: Vinyl