Dick Diver - Calendar Days (Vinyl)


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Dick Diver - Calendar Days (Vinyl)

Second album for Melbourne quartet, following 2011’s New Start Again. Recorded with Mikey Young, this time at a Phillip Island beach house. Features saxophones, keyboards, pedal steel and piano throughout, as well as drum machine to start the record. Includes a songwriting contribution each from bassist Al Montfort (Total Control, UV Race, Lower Plenty) and drummer Stephanie Hughes (Boomgates) in addition to guitarist-songwriters Rupert Edwards and Al McKay, with shared vocals all over. Includes the singles ‘Alice’ and ‘Water Damage’. Calendar Days is the sound of a band growing up, and opening up. There’s a beguiling, inquisitive eccentricity that runs throughout, combined with a non-flag-wearing but still classic Australian-ness, which makes for something of a modern classic.


  1. Blue & That
  2. Alice
  3. Calendar Days
  4. Water Damage
  5. Boys
  6. Two Year Lease
  7. Lime Green Shirt
  8. Gap Life
  9. Bondi 98
  10. Amber
  11. Languages Of Love

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