Drew, Kevin - Aging (Vinyl)

Kevin Drew

Kevin Drew - Aging (Vinyl)

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'Aging', the third solo album from Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew, was the inevitable title of his meditative new record, because he was living everything that comes with it. Influenced by the recent passing of friends and mentors, as well as the declining health of close family, 'Aging' brings together songs written over a decade marked by the signifiers of midlife, love, loss, and illness, all while wrestling with the hard truths of aging.

The album’s 8-song collection of minimalist piano ballads is darker and more contemplative than anything Drew has released before. Across the 33-minutes can be found the spirit of Drew classics like “Lover’s Spit” and “Sweetest Kill,” but with a sense of sorrow rarely heard on previous material. The writer of some of indie rock’s most life-affirming and celebratory anthems has become world sick.


1. Elevator
2. Out In The Fields
3. Party Oven
4. All Your Fails
5. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark
6. Awful Lightning
7. Fixing The Again
8. You’re Gonna Get Better

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