Drums, The - Jonny (Clear 2LP Vinyl)


The Drums - Jonny (Clear 2LP Vinyl)

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On his latest album as The Drums, New York-based indie pop artist Jonny Pierce plunges into the work of healing from childhood trauma and the long shadow it casts over adulthood.

The sparkling, eponymous Jonny unfurls a love letter to a galaxy of younger selves, all hungry to be nourished, all rejoicing now that they finally get to belong. Playful, heartbreaking, raucous, and serene all in turn, Jonny embraces the mess of life in all its facets. It renders the magic that happens when you fall in love with yourself down to the marrow.

Soaring to alt-pop prestige on arrival, The Drums have released studio albums that deftly walk the line of aching melancholy and irresistible pop sensibilities, presented through a kaleidoscope of pastel guitars, reverb, modular synthesizers and drum machines. It's a sound that's wholly unique, and unmistakably The Drums.


  1. Isolette
  2. I’m Still Scared
  3. Better
  4. Harms
  5. Little Jonny
  6. Plastic Envelope
  7. Protect Him Always
  8. Be Gentle
  9. Dying
  10. Green Grass
  11. Obvious
  12. The Flowers
  13. Teach My Body
  14. Pool God
  15. I Used To Want To Die

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