Earthgang - Mirrorland (Vinyl)


Earthgang - Mirrorland (2LP Vinyl)

Mirrorland is the major label debut studio album by hip hop duo Earthgang. The album includes features from Young Thug, T-Pain, Kehlani, Arin Ray, and Malik. The production of the album was handled by a variety of producers including Olu, J. Cole, Elite, Ron Gilmore, Christo, Bink, DJ Dahi, Childish Major and Groove, among others.


  1. LaLa Challenge
  2. UP
  3. Top Down
  4. Bank
  5. Proud of U
  6. This Side
  7. Swivel   
  8. Avenue
  9. Tequila
  10. Blue Moon
  11. Trippin (Featuring Kehlani)
  12. Stuck (Featuring Arin Ray)
  13. Fields (Featuring Malik)
  14. Wings

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