Elkka - DJ Kicks (2LP Vinyl)


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Elkka - DJ-Kicks (Vinyl)

As the next curator of DJ-Kicks, Elkka is voyaging through rave euphoria. “This is a really special moment for me because DJ-Kicks has been a formative part of my musical education,” she says. An intoxicating journey through Chicago house and disco, leftfield techno, UK bass and electro-punk, Elkka conjures up an atmosphere that is as primed for the club as it is the listener’s interior world.

Elkka’s deep intuition is the unifying thread throughout Cardiff-born DJ and producer’s illustrious career. Vibrant releases for Local Action, Ninja Tune and her own label and party, femme culture, have marked her as an unstoppable force within the London underground. This recognition metabolised when she was awarded BBC’s prestigious Essential Mix of the Year in 2021, spotlighting her radiant blend of classic house, breakbeat and experimental electronica to the world over.



  1. East-West - Can’tFace The Night (Club Mix)
  2. Omri Smadar, Roy Shpilman - Adama
  3. Herbert - Keep Time (Nobody)
  4. Dan Curtin - Particle Dawn


  1. Jensen Interceptor -Lean Before The Interview (Ft. Assembler Code)
  2. Elkka - Hands
  3. Hodge, Peder Mannerfelt - All My Love
  4. Elkka, Jeigo - Body
  5. Villager - Monocyclical
  6. Breaka -Living

Type: Vinyl