Ferrell, Sierra - Long Time Coming (Vinyl)


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Ferrell, Sierra - Long Time Coming (Vinyl)

With her spellbinding voice and time-bending sensibilities, Sierra Ferrell makes music that’s as fantastically vagabond as the artist herself. On her 2021 Rounder debut, Long Time Coming, Ferrell shares a dozen songs beautifully unbound by genre or era, instantly transporting her audience to an infinitely more enchanted world.


1. The Sea
2. AJeremiah
3. Bells of Every Chapel
4. At The End Of The Rainbow
5. West Virginia Waltz
6. Silver Dollar
7. Far Away Across The Sea
8. Why'd Ya Do It
9. Give It Time
10. In Dreams
11. Made Like That
12. Whispering Walt

    Type: Vinyl