Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes (Vinyl)

Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes (Vinyl) (+download code)

The debut self-titled album, released in 2008, in the words of the band themselves:

"Recorded at our homes, our friends' homes, our parents' homes, at London Bridge Studio, and at Avast Studio in Seattle, Washington, through the Summer and Fall of 2007. Phil Ek produced, engineered, and mixed, except when we were flailing around at home, recording ourselves poorly for him to clean up later."

Released in a gatefold sleeve with the bonus "Sun Giant" EP.


  1. Sun It Rises
  2. White Winter Hymnal
  3. Ragged Wood
  4. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
  5. Quiet Houses
  6. He Doesn't Know Why
  7. Heard Them Stirring
  8. Your Protector
  9. Meadowlarks
  10. Blue Ridge Mountains
  11. Oliver James

Sun Giant EP

  1. Sun Giant
  2. Drops In The River
  3. English House
  4. Mykonos
  5. Innocent Son

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