Florist - Florist (Limited Deep Purple Coloured Vinyl)

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Florist - Florist (Limited Deep Purple Coloured Vinyl)

"Florist" is the self-titled fourth full length record from upstate NY based indie folk band, Florist. "Florist" is the follow up to 2019's critically acclaimed "Emily Alone", and is the strongest album of the band's decade-long career; an immersive work that conveys the magic of the earth and of family, and the whole of the band's heart.

For all of June of 2019, amid a hot and rainy summer, Emily Sprague (guitar, synth, vocals), Jonnie Baker (guitar, synth, sampling, bass, saxophone, vocals), Rick Spataro (bass, piano, synth, vocals) and Felix Walworth (percussion, synth, guitar, vocals) convened in a rented house in the Hudson Valley, to live and work together. It was the first time the quartet recorded that way, and for that long. "In the past we'd meet up for a couple of days, or one day here and there," Sprague recalls. "Living together for a month is a really big part of why the arrangements are the way they are, and also why the instrumentals are such a huge part of the record."

The result is 19 tracks that feel like the culmination of a decade-long journey, their fourth full-length album, but the first deserving of a self-titled designation. "We called it Florist because this is not just my songs with a backing band," Sprague explains. "It's a practice. It's a collaboration. It's our one life. These are my best friends and the music is the way that it is because of that." 


  1. June 9th Nighttime
  2. Red Bird Pt. 2 (Morning)
  3. Duet for Guitar and Rain
  4. Spring in Hours
  5. Bells Pt. 1
  6. Two
  7. Variation
  8. Organ’s Drone
  9. Duet for 2 Eyes
  10. Reprise
  11. 43
  12. Bells Pt. 2
  13. River’s Bed
  14. Sci-Fi Silence
  15. Finally
  16. Dandelion
  17. Bells Pt. 3
  18. Feathers
  19. Jonnie on the Porch

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