Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma (Vinyl)

Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma (Vinyl) (+download code)

2010 saw the release of Flying Lotus' third studio album 'Cosmogramma', an electronica, experimental, IDM and nu jazz record. Features contributions from Thom Yorke, Ravi Coltrane, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Niki Randa, Laura Darlington, Rebekah Raff and Thundercat.


  1. Clock Catcher
  2. Pickled!
  3. Nose Art
  4. Intro//A Cosmic Drama
  5. Zodiac Shit
  6. Computer Face//Pure Being
  7. ...And The World Laughs With You
  8. Arkestry
  9. MmmHmm
  10. Do The Astral Plane
  11. Satelllliiiiiiiteee
  12. German Haircut
  13. Recoiled
  14. Dance Of The Pseudo Nymph
  15. Drips//Auntie's Harp
  16. Table Tennis
  17. Galaxy In Janaki

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