Folk Implosion - Take a Look Inside (Limited Clear Vinyl)


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Folk Implosion - Take a Look Inside (Limited Clear Vinyl)

They say there's always something special about the first time and this record is that first time for the Folk Implosion. The band left the acoustic guitars and fragmentary sketch modus operandi of their earlier cassette behind to focus on an eccentric version of home studio craft, held together by a few cheap microphones (including a Radio Shack PZM) and a Tascam cassette 4-track recorder sequestered under the eaves of a 3rd floor, Cambridge Massachusetts double-decker house apartment. Wood floors and Christmas lights were as much a part of the vibe as an Ampeg VT 40 guitar amp and a small chord organ. The duo would wait until the downstairs neighbor went to work in the morning and then would play until the tunes snapped like a high-pitched snare drum. The setup would close down just before the neighbor came home from work, keeping the peace long enough to see the project through to completion.


  1. Blossom
  2. Sputnik's Down
  3. Slap Me
  4. Chicken Squawk
  5. Spiderweb-Butterfly
  6. Had to Find Out
  7. Better Than Allrite
  8. Why Do They Hide
  9. Winter's Day
  10. Boyfriend, Girlfriend
  11. Waltzin' with Your Ego
  12. Shake a Little Heaven
  13. Take a Look Inside
  14. Start Again

Type: Vinyl