Goat - Headsoup (Cyan Green Coloured Vinyl)


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Goat - Headsoup (Cyan Green Coloured Vinyl)

'Headsoup' is a new compilation that deepens the legend of mysterious Swedish psych collective Goat even further. Collecting rarities from across the band's celebrated career, including standalone singles, B-sides, digital edits and two enormous brand new tracks, it's a globetrotting acid trip of a record that's even bigger in its scope than their acclaimed studio LPs.


    1. The Sun And Moon
    2. Stonegoat
    3. Dreambuilding
    4. Dig My Grave
    5. It's Time For Fun
    6. Relax
    7. Union Of Mind And Soul *Unreleased On Vinyl
    8. The Snake Of Addis Adaba
    9. Goatfizz
    10. Let It Burn (Edit) *Unreleased On Vinyl
    11. Friday Pt.1 7"
    12. Fill My Mouth *Unreleased
    13. Queen Of The Underground *Unreleased

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Here Hare Here
Another gem from my favourite band of the last 5 years

More unexpected levity, detours and delights from a great band come in the form of some casio-like drum loops on Let's have some Fun and Relax as well as a scattering of sax over the surprise ambience of Friday Pt 1. Jazzy flute touches here and there, breezy Mamas and Papas vocal interplay on one track juxtapose nicely alongside the heavy psych of Queen of the Underground. I only wish they had continued with their love of die-cut album sleeve art.