Gonzalez, Jose - Veneer (Limited 20th Anniversary Blue Coloured 2LP Vinyl)

Jose Gonzalez

Jose Gonzalez - Veneer (Limited 20th Anniversary Blue Coloured 2LP Vinyl)

Available to pre-order now, released October 27th.

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Remastered album as well as a bonus disc, comprising 13 intimate recordings from his historic 2003 performance at Gothenburg Concert Hall.


  1. Slow Moves (Remastered 2023)
  2. Remain (Remastered 2023)
  3. Lovestain (Remastered 2023)
  4. Heartbeats (Remastered 2023)
  5. Crosses (Remastered 2023)
  6. Deadweight on Velveteen (Remastered 2023)
  7. All You Deliver (Remastered 2023)
  8. 3 Stay in the Shade (Remastered 2023)
  9. Hints (Remastered 2023)
  10. Save Your Day (Remastered 2023)
  11. Broken Arrows (Remastered 2023)
  12. Deadweight on Velveteen (Live)
  13. Save Your Day (Live)
  14. Storm (Live)
  15. Crosses (Live)
  16. Hints (Live)
  17. Suggestions (Live)
  18. Heartbeats (Live)
  19. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Live)
  20. All You Deliver (Live)
  21. Stay in the Shade (Live)
  22. Remain (Live)
  23. Hand on Your Heart (Live)
  24. Cello Song (Live)

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