Grandaddy - Sumday Cassette Demos (Black Vinyl)


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Grandaddy - Sumday Cassette Demos (Black Vinyl)

Originally released in 2003, Grandaddy's double-LP Sumday is the band's third studio release and it finds the group augmenting their melodic, '60s-influenced indie rock with gorgeous atmospheric production. Grandaddy's best-selling album, it features the songs "Now It's On", "I'm On Standby", and "El Caminos In The West". Pitchfork wrote that, "Sumday is all glorious, throbbing heart" while Spin proclaimed that the "cool indie-rockers [made] a summer blockbuster."


Side A:

  1. Now It's on (Cassette Demo)
  2. I'm on Standby (Cassette Demo)
  3. The Go In The Go-for-It (Cassette Demo)
  4. The Group Who Couldn't Say (Cassette Demo)
  5. Lost on Yer Merry Way (Cassette Demo)
  6. El Caminos in the West (Cassette Demo)

Side B:

  1. Yeah is What We Had (Cassette Demo)
  2. Passed out in a Datsun (Cassette Demo)
  3. Stray Dog and the Chocolate Karaoke
  4. OK with My Decay (Cassette Demo)
  5. The Warming Sun (Cassette Demo)
  6. The Final Push to the Sum (Cassette Demo)

Type: Vinyl