Grey October Sound - Timeless Lo-Fi (Vinyl)

Grey October Sound

Grey October Sound - Timeless Lo-Fi (Vinyl)

Available to pre-order now, released November 17th. As this is a Japanese import we may have copies a week later.

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“Grey October Sound”, a lo-fi hip-hop production team that gained international recognition not only in Japan but also overseas through their covers of Studio Ghibli songs titled “Lo-Fi Ghibli” and City Pop covers titled Lo-Fi City Pop. The compilation of their early works is called “TIMELESS vol.1,” which gained attention upon its digital-only release in 2020, will be re-released under the new name “Timeless Lo-Fi” as an analog record, with the addition of bonus tracks.


  1. Waves (Feat. MICHVEL JVMES)
  2. Wonderlust (Feat. NFM
  3. Homie Banter (Feat. Samurai YaS)
  4. Walking Alone at 2am (Feat. MICHVEL JVMES)
  5. Reverie (Feat. Samurai YaS)
  6. Y&A (Feat. COCO)
  7. Slow Down (Feat. MICHVEL JVMES)
  8. Eye to Eye (Feat. Samurai YaS)
  9. Tokyo Salute
  10. The Life I Live

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