Guru - Jazzmatazz Volume 1 (Vinyl)


Guru - Jazzmatazz Volume 1 (Vinyl)

In 1993,'Jazzmatazz' was one of the first albums to combine a live jazz band with hip hop production and rapping.

Guest performers include Carleen Anderson, N'Dea Davenport (Brand New Heavies) Dee C Lee and MC Solaar.

This is the 2014, 180g vinyl reissue.


  1. Introduction
  2. Loungin'
  3. When You're Near
  4. Transit Ride
  5. No Time To Play
  6. Down The Backstreets
  7. Respectful Dedications
  8. Take A Look (At Yourself)
  9. Trust Me
  10. Slicker Than Most
  11. Le Bien, Le Mal
  12. Sights In The City

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