Halsall, Matthew & The Gondwana Orchestra - Into Forever (Vinyl)


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Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra - Into Forever (Vinyl)

Into Forever (2015) puts the spotlight on Matthew Halsall the composer, arranger and producer. Halsall draws on a diverse range of influences from Alice Coltrane, Dorothy Ashby, Phil Cohran and Leon Thomas to the more contemporary sounds of The Cinematic Orchestra, Max Richter and Nils Frahm to deliver his most complete recording to date. Into Forever features renowned Manchester based soul poet Josephine Oniyama and rising star vocalist Bryony Jarman-Pinto (Werkha) as well as regular collaborators, flautist Lisa Mallett, harpist Rachael Gladwin, koto player Keiko Kitamura, pianist Taz Modi, bassist Gavin Barras and drummer Luke Flowers (The Cinematic Orchestra) and two percussionists Sam Bell and Chris Cruiks. The result is arguably Halsall's finest record, asublime melding of stripped back soulful funk and deep, minimalist, spiritual jazz, that will take you on a journey deep into forever!
  1. Only a Woman (Featuring Josephine Oniyama)
  2. As I Walk (Featuring Josephine Oniyama)
  3. Dawn Horizon
  4. Badder Weather (Featuring Josephine Oniyama)
  5. These Goodbyes
  6. The Land of
  7. Longshan Temple
  8. Cushendun
  9. Into Forever (Featuring Josephine Oniyama)
  10. Daan Park
  11. Jamais Vu (Featuring Bryony Jarman-Pinto)

Type: Vinyl