Hanlon, Darren - Life Tax (Vinyl)


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Darren Hanlon - Life Tax (Vinyl)

Take a seat, and let's have a a moment with Darren:

I'm very proud to offer unto you my sixth studio album Life Tax, mostly recorded way back in the carefree days of 2019. Why did you take so long to release it then you might ask? Good question. Well, it did take a long time to put the finishing touches on it from afar. And I was waiting for a time I might be able to actually go on tour with the band who played on it. And now this year it seems... well who knows? But if I sit on it any longer the bloody thing will hatch so here it is.

It was recorded in a church hall in Northcote where I was renting a little room out the back. I was basically a caretaker for about a year there, a glorious time that I miss immensely. I mean, the kinda creative situation you dream about. Most of the songs were written in there late at night which is why a lot of them are gentle in nature. The hall was very reverb-y and so prone to upset the gentrified masses encroaching on all sides. 

I think it could be a strange album the way it all sits together. Given that two of the songs are over 10 mins long it's definitely my most unwieldy album. I don't know what to think anymore I've been staring at it too long, hence this message to you. 

As you see from the photo below the album cover has no text. Why, you might also ask? Don't you know that could be retail suicide? You're starting to sound a bit harsh but yes, everyone I've spoken with has told me the same thing. But whatever idea or font I tried on that photo seemed to diminish it so I just left it be. Hopefully it'll be interesting enough for the casual shopper to pick it up and flip it over where they'll find the title EMBLAZONED!

I'm eternally grateful for all the sweet people who played on it and really encouraged me with the songs all the way along. Mostly Jesse Williams who recorded and mixed it and, with me, played most of the stuff on it.


  1. Christmas Beetle
  2. Lapsed Catholic
  3. The Spin
  4. Uncle Viv and Aunty Phyllis
  5. Lets Grow Old Together
  6. Call On Me
  7. Write More Songs
  8. All Creatures Know
  9. Freight Train From Kyogle
  10. Away

Type: Vinyl