Helado Negro - Far In (2LP Vinyl)

Helado Negro

Helado Negro - Far In (2LP Vinyl)

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When Roberto Carlos Lange, the musician known as Helado Negro, began writing ‘Far In’ immediately following the release of This is How You Smile, he could not have predicted that we would soon need to learn how to stay at home and be the stars of our domestic dance floors with intimates and online communities.

Roberto and his partner, the visual artist Kristi Sword, had planned to visit Marfa, Texas for an early 2020 residency to work on their collaborative project Kite Symphony. Once the pandemic hit, they decided to stay in Marfa through the summer, inspiring Roberto to write a significant amount of songs on the upcoming album.

Driving back to Brooklyn in the fall inspired by his work in the desert, Roberto auspiciously purchased a Rhodes from a friend who 20 years earlier gave him his first synthesiser, an Arp Odyssey 2800. The electric piano was a catalyst that guided much of the remaining songwriting for the album.


  1. Wake Up Tomorrow
  2. Gemini and Leo
  3. Purple Tones
  4. There Must Be A Song Like You
  5. Aguas Frías
  6. Aureole
  7. Hometown Dream
  8. Agosto (Featuring Buscabulla)
  9. Outside the Outside
  10. Brown Fluorescence
  11. Wind Conversations
  12. Thank You For Ever
  13. La Naranj
  14. Telescope (Featuring  Benamin)
  15. Mirror Talk

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