Herbert, Matthew - The Horse (Standard 2LP Vinyl)


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Matthew Herbert - The Horse (Standard 2LP Vinyl)

Challenging his considerable legacy with one of his most extraordinary projects to date, celebrated British artist, producer, composer and experimentalist Matthew Herbert presents The Horse. Based around a full-size horse skeleton and working alongside the London Contemporary Orchestra and an expansive cast of special collaborators, this is Herbert in full flight, restlessly curious and culminating in starkly original, ritualistic music loaded with intent.

While staying true to Herbert’s storied legacy in thoughtful, experimental music, the scope of The Horse is even broader than his past work. For all the many streams of input and styles reaching from classical minimalism to vibrant, organic techno, it’s a focused album crafted to be experienced as a whole body of work in one sitting, and yet each sound comes loaded with Herbert’s inquisitive purpose. The sonic onus is on the work of the collective and their unlikely muse, and the result is a living, breathing exercise which veritably brings this unknown horse back to life.


  1. The Horse's Bones Are In A Cave
  2. The Horse's Hair And Skin Are Stretched
  3. The Horse's Bones And Flutes
  4. The Horse's Pelvis Is A Lyre (feat. Jali Bakari)
  5. The Horse Is Prepared
  6. The Horse Is Quiet
  7. The Horse Is Submerged (feat. Evan Parker)
  8. The Horse Is Put To Work
  9. The Rider (Not The Horse)
  10. The Truck That Follows The Horses
  11. The Horse's Winnings
  12. The Horse Has A Voice (feat. Theon Cross)
  13. The Horse Remembers
  14. The Horse Is Close
  15. The Horse Is Here (feat. Danilo Pérez)
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