Hidden Cameras, The - The Smell Of Our Own (20th Anniversary Deluxe Yellow Coloured 2LP Vinyl)


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The Hidden Cameras - The Smell Of Our Own (20th Anniversary Deluxe Yellow Coloured 2LP Vinyl)

The deluxe edition will be pressed as a 2 x LP edition on yellow vinyl and features bonus demos, b-sides and live session recordings.

The Hidden Cameras burst onto the Toronto music scene in the early 2000’s boasting an irresistible combination of pop and queer sensibilities. Playing self-proclaimed ‘Gay Church Folk Music’ a new genre of their own making and songs ranging from haunted, aching ballads to foot-stomping anthems, the band’s outrageous stage shows packed such disparate venues as sweaty dance bars, art museums, a working porn cinema as well as many churches. Fronted by lead singer-songwriter Joel Gibb, the ensemble continues its musical provocations to this day, with Berlin now as its centre of gravity.


1. Golden Streams
2. Ban Marriage
3. A Miracle
4. Animals Of Prey
5. Smells Like Happiness
6. The Day Is Dawning
7. Boys Of Melody
8. Shame
9. Breathe On It
10. The Man That I Am With My Man
11. Fear O Zine Failure - B-Side
12. Boys Of Melody - CBC Session
13. Smells like Happiness - 4 Track Demo
14. Shame - CBC Session
15. Day Is Dawning - CBC Session
16. The Dying Galatian - B-Side
17. Heavy Flow of Evil - B-Side
18. Ban Marriage - 4 Track Demo
19. Breathe On It - CBC Session
20. A Miracle - 4 Track Demo

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