Hiroto, Uyama - A Son Of The Sun (Vinyl)


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Uyama Hiroto - A Son Of The Sun (Vinyl)

The most important artist behind the Nujabes Works, Uyama Hiroto's debut album 'a son of the sun' to be released on 2LP after 12 years.

Uyama Hiroto provided 'Letter From Yokosuka' for Nujabes 'metaphorical music' released in 2003 and was featured on the title track of 'modal soul' released in 2005. A son of the sun' was released in 2008 and continues to fascinate many listeners to this day.



  1. 81Summer
  2. Climbed Mountain
  3. One Dream
  4. Nightwood
  5. Waltz for Life Will Born
  6. Ribbon in the Sea


  1. Port51 (Interlude)
  2. Carbon Rose
  3. Vision Eyes Featuring Golden Boy
  4. Fly Love Song Featuring Pase Rock
  5. Last Transit (Interlude)
  6. Stratus
  7. Walk in the Sunset
  8. Color of Jade

Type: Vinyl