Hopkins, Jon - Music For Psychedelic Therapy (Deluxe Clear Vinyl)

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Jon Hopkins - Music For Psychedelic Therapy (Deluxe Clear 2LP Vinyl)

Deluxe Limited 2x "Clear" colour vinyl standard weight (140gm) in a gatefold sleeve with 12” double sided insert

Music For Psychedelic Therapy was produced and recorded by Jon Hopkins. Field recordings on “Tayos Caves, Ecuador” are by Mendel Kaelen and multi-dimensional synthesis and woodland surround are by 7RAYS.


Side A
    1. Welcome (Vinyl LP Version)
    2. Love Flows Over Us In Prismatic Waves (Vinyl LP Version)
    3. Deep In The Glowing Heart (Vinyl LP Version)
Side B
    1. Tayos Caves, Ecuador (Vinyl LP Version)
Side C
    1. Ascending, Dawn Sky (Vinyl LP Version)
    2. Arriving (Vinyl LP Version)
    3. Sit Around The Fire (Vinyl LP Version)
Side D
    1. Singing Bowl (Ascension) (Vinyl LP Version)

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