HTRK - Nostalgia (Limited Edition White Vinyl)


HTRK - Nostalgia (Limited Edition White Vinyl)

HTRK’s seminal debut ‘Nostalgia‘ (2007) gets a new cut to white vinyl with white sleeve and gloss cover. An abrasive record shrouded in sonorous pulses, deafening feedback and tension-soaked reverb that immerses you deep into their world.

HTRK’s lo-fi post-punk, post-industrial noise-electronica echoes Suicide, Throbbing Gristle and Joy Division.

‘Nostalgia’ took inspiration from the sound and imagery of David Lynch, The Birthday Party and electronic artist Pita. Rowland S Howard’s ‘Teenage Snuff Film’ was also cited as a big influence, HTRK notably caught the post-punk legend’s attention with their live gigs which saw him endorse the band and go on to co-produce their next release ‘Marry Me Tonight’.

A compelling introductory statement that delves into their guilty nostalgia for the nihilistic energies rampant in the 80s underground.

  • Tracklisting
  • 1. Hate Rock Trio
  • 2. Look What's Been Done
  • 3. Look Down the Line
  • 4. Look at That Girl
  • 5. Look at Her
  • 6. You Injured Me
  • 7. I'm All Broke Up

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