Ibibio Sound Machine - Doke Mien (White Vinyl)


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Ibibio Sound Machine - Doke Mien (White Vinyl)

Eno Williams, frontwoman of Ibibio Sound Machine, uses both English and the
Nigerian language from which her band's name is derived for the dazzling new album
Doko Mien. Long lauded for jubilant, explosive live shows, Ibibio Sound Machine
fully capture that energy on Doko Mien, the followup to their Merge debut Uyai. In
a glowing piece in the New York Times, those songs were praised for following
"in the tradition of much African music, [making] themselves the conscience of a
community." By pulsing the mystic shapes of Williams' lines through further inventive,
glittering collages of genre, Ibibio Sound Machine crack apart the horizon separating
cultures, between nature and technology, between joy and pain, between tradition and


1.    I Need You To Be Sweet Like
2.    Sugar (Nnge Nte Suka)
3.    Wanna Come Down
4.    Tell Me (Doko Mien)
5.    I Know That You're Thinking
6.    About Me
7.    I Will Run
8.    Just Go Forward (Ka I So)
9.    She Work Very Hard
10.    Nyak Mien
11.    Kuka
12.    Guess We Found A Way

Type: Vinyl