Joan As A Police Woman - Real Life (Vinyl)


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Joan As A Police Woman - Real Life (Vinyl)

"Beauty is the new punk rock" proclaims Joan as Police Woman and truer words have never been spoken. As informed by Nina Simone as she is by Siouxsie Sioux, she has made one of the most adventurous and heartbreaking albums in recent memory. Some may be familiar with her bands - the Dambuilders, Black Beetle and Those Bastard Souls - but nothing can prepare you for the unclassifiable beauty of REAL LIFE.


  1. Real Life
  2. Eternal Flame
  3. Freed The Light
  4. The Ride
  5. I Defy
  6. Flushed Chest
  7. Christobel
  8. Save Me
  9. Anyone
  10. We Don't Own It

Type: Vinyl