JPEGMAFIA - Veteran (Clear 1LP Vinyl)


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JPEGMAFIA - Veteran (Clear 1LP Vinyl)

JPEGMAFIA, born Barrington DeVaughn Hendricks, Peggy's m.o. is anything but conventional. He started making music while serving in the Air Force (he was stationed in Japan), and Veteran, entirely produced by the rapper himself, consists of an abstract and experimental bag of sounds, noises, and everything in between. There's not a dull moment throughout the 19-tracker as the rapper constantly shifts his rap style and manipulates the sonics to keep the listener on edge. His no-holds-barred commentary on politics, pop culture, gentrification, race, and more complements the frantic but immensely creative sound bed.


  1. 1539 N. Calvert
  2. Real Nega
  3. Thug Tears
  4. Dayum
  5. Baby I'm Bleeding
  6. My Thoughts On Neogaf Dying (Radio Edit)
  7. Rock N Roll Is Dead
  8. DD Form 214
  9. Germs
  10. Libtard Anthem
  11. :-(
  12. DJ Snitch Bitch Interlude
  13. Whole Foods
  14. Macaulay Culkin
  15. Williamsburg
  16. I Cannot Fucking Wait Until Morrissey Dies
  17. Rainbow Six
  18. 1488
  19. Curb Stomp

Type: Vinyl

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