Kassa Overall - Animal (Clear Vinyl)


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Kassa Overall - Animal (Clear Vinyl)

Kassa Overall is a welcome addition to the forward thinking Warp Records roster looking to take things even further.

With an impressive list of collaborators and credits under his belt, the NYC by way of Seattle artist merges jazz, beats, rap, and his virtuosic drumming, getting personal and even more irreverent of genres on his third album ANIMALS.

Kassa Overall's restless and experimental approach to jazz is one that keeps you guessing.


  1. Anxious Anthony
  2. Ready To Ball
  3. Clock Ticking
  4. Still Ain't Find Me
  5. Make My Way Back Home
  6. The Lava Is Calm
  7. No It Ain't
  8. So Happy
  9. It's Animals
  10. Maybe We Can Stay
  11. The Score Was Made
  12. Going Up

Type: Vinyl