KH (Kieran Hebden) - Looking At Your Pager/Only Human (Yellow 12" Vinyl)


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KH (Kieran Hebden) - Looking At Your Pager (Yellow 12" Vinyl)

The one that almost got away… A track that many thought would be destined to remain on only the most select of DJs USBs, Kieran Hebden finally clears the sample on one of the most talked about tracks of last year ‘Looking At Your Pager’.

Released on yellow vinyl with a full picture sleeve and backed with another massive KH earworm from the vaults ‘Only Human’. Flipping the script on 3LW’s 2000 R&B heater ‘No More (Baby I'ma Do Right)’, Four Tet, under his KH alias, works that untouchable magic on the sample in true Hebden fashion. Taking that peachy vocal snippet and looping it up to the high heavens with a chest rumbling, wobbler of a bass synth and skippy garage beat you’re treated to a Four Tet warper of gargantuan proportions, finally officially released via Ministry of Sound Recordings under the title ‘Looking At Your Pager’.


1. Looking at your pager

2. Only Human

Type: Vinyl