Low ‎- Great Destroyer (Vinyl Reissue)



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Low ‎- Great Destroyer (Vinyl Reissue)

The band’s seventh full-length album, The Great Destroyer is fascinating in that it blends the band’s austere melodies (“On the Edge Of,” “Silver Rider”) with an aggressive guitar onslaught (“Monkey,” “Everybody’s Song”) and even melds Low’s varied styles together into a single song (“When I Go Deaf”).


  1. Monkey
  2. California
  3. Everybody’s Song
  4. Silver Rider
  5. Just Stand Back
  6. On The Edge Of
  7. Cue The Strings
  8. Step
  9. When I Go Deaf
  10. Broadway (So Many People)
  11. Pissing
  12. Death Of A Salesman
  13. Walk Into the Sea

Type: Vinyl